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High School Beach Camp

High School Beach Camp is what it sounds like. A week of camp at the beach specifically for high school students, incoming freshmen through outgoing seniors. Each day is packed from beginning to end with opportunities for you to connect with God and other students, all with the beautiful backdrop of Panama City Beach, Florida. There are times of insane fun, authentic worship, engaging teaching, and deep conversation. You will not go home the same.

Don’t miss out!



Holden: I’ve been on a lot of trips with church, and beach camp has always been one of the best. I’ve been on two beach camps, this year will be my third, and I’m super excited for it. Obviously the trip is fun cause you get to spend time at the beach with friends, but I also feel like I’ve learned a lot about God from these trips too. My favorite part though is the small groups time. The discussions get pretty real, and it’s a great environment to grow in your faith. Overall, beach camp is a great trip that nobody should miss. 


Savannah: I was basically born at church so I’ve grown up going to every trip I can. When it comes to high school ministry, the trips I’ve been on have grown me closer to god than anything else. One of the most rewarding trip has been high school beach camp. This will be my third year going as a senior since we started the trip. I remember the first year we went and I came out of it with more of an outlook with my relationship with God than I thought I would. Small group was the part that helped me the most. Growing closer with all the girls in my group and my leaders let me let go of all outside stressors and just live in the moment for Jesus. The trip turns out to be much more than going to the beach with your friends and is something no one should miss out on.